The Easy Button is Not Worth Your Time

Let’s talk about the concept of easy.  It is an insidious thought.  That if it isn’t easy, fast and painless, that it isn’t going to work.  This is where I feel like “The Secret” got it wrong.  Remember the scene where the guy was driving the car from his armchair, then he got the car? Continue reading “The Easy Button is Not Worth Your Time”

Resistance is Futile

Imma talk a little today about resistance.  I feel like it is a big part of my manifesting process, and one that is not widely spoken of in the LOA world.  More specifically resistance to change.  Here’s the thing: My brain is really good at receiving what it is used to getting, and can evenContinue reading “Resistance is Futile”

Garden Variety Anxiety

Today I’m going to address a topic that is out of my usual realm.  You might ask what qualifies me to talk about anxiety, and my answer is absolutely nothing.  I feel some form of anxiety on a daily basis, but nothing like the debilitating panic attacks I’ve observed in my husband.  I studied anxietyContinue reading “Garden Variety Anxiety”

My Precious

What do you think your biggest mental shortcoming is?  What patterns of thoughts and beliefs do you hold that sometimes help you, but most of the time harm you?  If someone challenged you on it, what would be a touchy subject? Is there something you feel like Gollem in his cave, stroking the golden ring, Continue reading “My Precious”