All the Whys

Today I want to talk a little bit about my why.  Why me? Why Save the World? Why bother changing a habit? Just all the Whys.  So lets dive in.  Why Me?  I am an educator.  I think I always have been to a certain degree, even though it wasn’t my first career, which was Massage Therapy.  I have a degree in education, I taught and did the instructional design for  a new Massage Therapy program for a College, after that pursued a career in the private sector in training and development, and then, I couldn’t handle the stifling lack of creativity, so I became a yoga teacher.  I love witnessing people transform their lives, and I love transforming my own life. I think the other half of me, which is a healer (I don’t mean I actually heal people because I think all healing is an inside job, but the holding of space for people to heal themselves is what I mean.  Anyhoo, that’s another soapbox.) is quite complementary.  I think the movement towards the place I am now has always been in the works.  I used to wonder what the purpose of the stressful times when I was struggling in the Public Education System.  But now, I think it was practice.  It lead me to this moment, with the right skills to deliver my message. 

So, that brings me to Why Save the World.  A series of wonderful, and horrible events happened to me that led to me buying a property and renovating it to become a Yoga Studio in my home town.  I said this in the passive tense, which I realize is incorrect.  I created a situation where I had no choice but to become an entrepreneur.  I couldn’t handle one more day of a job where creativity had long died.  My health was adequate, but nothing special.  My personal life was feeling the strain of being stressed out at work all the time.  Basically, a pretty everyday situation from what I can tell.  But then I almost died.  Which you can read all about in my other blog post called: That Time I Almost Died.  Let me tell ya.  That was hella clarifying.  And, I realized I desperately needed a change.  And that it had to come from me.  So, change I did.  And lessons were learned. 

Which brings me back to Why Save the World?  I got to thinking about the times when I had manifested great things.  Like the 6 figures I needed to get the yoga studio off the ground.  The destiny level manifesting; the things that seem to just flow through you.  You don’t even know you are taking action towards it before it manifests?  Yeah, that level of manifesting.  The easy and awesome stuff.  I wanted to figure out how to get into that manifesting mode on purpose.  What all of these things had in common, was that the outcome benefited more than just me.  That what I was manifesting provided value to a group, not just an individual.  Now, not to say that I didn’t and haven’t benefited.  That’s totally not true.  The real secret to all of this is that when you provide something valuable to other people, you benefit a lot!  And, what’s more valuable and important than saving the world? 

I think the reason using this filter in setting goals works so well has 2 mechanisms of action.  1.  It helps you combine your energy with other people thinking and problem solving, and desiring change in the world.  Like attracts like, so you end up meeting the people, and finding the resources you need easier because it is something many people create energy and emotion about.  Basically, you can tap into an energy stream that goes way beyond your own power.  2.  It helps you move beyond your own blocks and set points.  It can help you override some of those thoughts and feelings that you aren’t deserving enough to receive what you want because what about the other people who are affected if you don’t succeed?  You benefit as a by-product of the value you create by solving big problems, but it is not the main focus.  I struggle to manifest money just for the sake of money.  But applying this filter on purpose has been a game changer for me.

The other “hack” that I teach takes a lot more work.  You have to live in that zone of genius of manifesting on purpose.  Which means you need to check in with your goals and do mindset work daily.  Yeah, I said it.  Its not easy to prioritize the 10-30 minutes you NEED to make these changes happen.  Especially because this often means getting out of bed half an hour earlier than you would normally.  It means you have to sift through some of you negative and limiting beliefs and emotions.  It means you need to set the bar higher for yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit.  You probably have a lifetime of practice of negative thoughts, maybe even about the idea of routine.  When I told you to get up early, did you totally resist it? 

Working through that is what it takes to change a habit.  Basically, you need to have a plan for overcoming the resistance, and a way to create emotional fuel for the commitment to your practice.  The good news is that this is nothing new.  Think of the billions of people who put exercise into their life.  They still have resistance to it, but they are practiced at overcoming it.  The desire to sleep in won’t go away, but you get much better at refocusing on doing what you need to do.   I see you desire, but I have bigger, better plans.  Like my girl Rachel Hollis says: “You have to choose between what you want now, and what you want most.”  And, on that note.  I will send you some loving vibs today while you ponder how you will save the world with your genius. 

Love Always,


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